As a home inspector, we inspect for many things in windows and doors. To the homeowner, it may look like Zafras inspectors are just checking whether or not they open. But we are doing so much more than that while we perform our home inspections, including checking for window caulking. Here are some, but not all of the items we are inspecting for in a window:

  1. Loose or cracked panes a.k.a. glass
  2. Missing screws
  3. Proper installation (many windows are installed upside down)
  4. The proper number of windows in bedrooms for safety purposes.
  5. Locking features for theft prevention.
  6. Springs and mechanisms
  7. And of course, whether or not they open properly.

We inspect windows for additional features as well, but the most common deficiency found in windows of Broward County is improper or missing window caulking around the perimeter of the window.

The Purpose of Window Caulking

It seems like caulking is something insignificant, but proper window caulking can prevent significant damage. The purpose of window caulking is to create a seal between the wall and the window frame.

Lack of proper caulking means that the window does not properly seal and rainwater and moisture can filter thru the window/wall seam into the home. This is significant because it can lead to water damage in the wall and floor beneath the window and can create conditions for unwanted living organisms.

Another problem with improper caulking around the perimeter of the windows is that the indoor air is not sealed within the envelope of the home. This means that the air conditioning has to work extra to keep the desired temperature because heat is coming in through the window seams. This also means that your electrical bill is higher than it needs to be since the air conditioning system has to work longer hours.

How to Fix Insufficient Caulking

  1. Remove any existing window caulking.
  2. Install a new and even layer of caulk in all windows with missing or improper caulking.

If you already have water stains below the windowsill in the wall or floors. Give Zafras Property Services a call or contact us online. One of our home inspectors will perform an air quality sample and send it to a lab to test your indoor air quality.