Whether you’re a buyer or a homeowner, checking your appliances is an important part of maintaining your home. As part of our Residential Property Inspection Service, we visually check the accessible appliances for fit and function.

Many home inspectors don’t inspect a home’s appliances and those who do often stop at a visual examination. We take our service a step further than a visual exam by offering RecallChek. RecallChek allows you to check the appliances in your home against a massive database of millions of recalled appliances.

How does RecallChek work?

  1. First, gather the appliance name, model number, and serial number for each appliance you’d like to check.
  2. Click the RecallChek button.
  3. Type in your appliance’s information.
  4. Enter your credit card information to cover the $29.95 service fee.
  5. RecallCheck will double-check your data for accidental errors (such as typing an O instead of zero).
  6. Next, RecallCheck matches the data you entered against their database of millions of recalled appliances.
  7. Within 2 business days, RecallChek returns a report to the email address you provided.

What happens if you have a recalled appliance?

RecallCheck goes beyond a simple yes or no answer. They’ll provide you with helpful information that will allow you to take action. RecallCheck’s report will include:

  • The nature of the issue that resulted in the recall
  • Where the product was sold
  • How the issue is typically remedied
  • Who you can contact to fix the issue
  • Who you can contact if you haven’t received a satisfactory response

Recalls are placed on unsafe and defective appliances, so protect your family and your wallet with better information. RecallChek is an excellent value – so start today!