It is always safer and less expensive to prepare for a disaster than to take care of property damage. Strong wind events like tropical storms and hurricanes can be severe and may lead to injuries and damage to your home. By using methods for protecting your home from wind damage, you can reduce the chances of the storm harming your home and your family. So how do you go about it?

The following are five ways to prevent wind damage:

1. Repair any Damaged Roofs

If the roof needs to be repaired, it is a good idea to do it well before a big storm. Waiting to fix any roof issues leaves you vulnerable to more damage and losses, including possible water intrusion and flooding. A home inspector may spot problems such as missing, broken, or loose shingles, tiles or slates when inspecting the roof, gutters, and downspouts. Debris may indicate a problem that needs immediate attention. Having a qualified inspector check your roof allows you to better protect your home and family from damaging winds.

2. Protecting Your Home from Wind Damage by Installing Storm Shutters

Windows and doors are the weakest points in your home. To strengthen them, invest in storm shutters and install them before a storm hits. Even if a storm is not approaching, you should practice the installation process so that when it is time to act, you can do so quickly and easily. Keep them in an accessible place so that you can find them easily when you need them.

3. Move Items from the Lawn

All non-secured items should be moved to a safe place indoors if possible. Depending on the intensity of the wind, chairs, toys, decorations, and other objects in the yard can fly towards your house or the neighbors causing damage. For the items that cannot be moved, anchoring them will make sure they stay firm even through the storm.

4. Clear Trees and Branches That Are Too Close For Comfort

Falling brances and dead trees put your home at risk. Trim the branches of the trees around your property and remove any dead ones while protecting your home from wind damage. Be sure to check for branches that are near power lines too. For a total evaluation of your trees and professional advice, involve a tree expert. He or she will be able to check the entire property for risks and give appropriate recommendations. Other items to consider are satellite dishes and antennas. They should be anchored or removed for safekeeping if a storm is likely to occur.

5. Inspect the Fascias

Fascias are the weakest points on a roof. If not secured well, strong winds can blow them off exposing the entire roof to the elements. An inspector can advise on whether they should be replaced, strengthened, or just left as they are. Gutters are also another area to think about when protecting your home from wind damage. They can also be blown off by strong winds if they are old, loose, or poorly maintained. Even without a storm, they should be inspected at least twice a year for damage and blockages.

The bottom line is, wind mitigation inspections are important when protecting your home from wind damage. Although an inspection costs money, it’s well worth it to avoid costly repairs to your home after severe wind damage. As an added bonus, many insurance companies offer credits to homeowners with appropriate wind mitigation features in place.

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