You have finalized your home purchase and are preparing for the next step, moving into your new home. Moving can be overwhelming. Your to-do list includes organizing, packing, cleaning, setting up services and shutting down services, and you’re on a timeline. It’s easy to forget the smaller tasks. Here is a list of people and places to notify when you move to a new address.

A List of Places to Notify When You Move

1. Post Office

Fill out a change of address form with the USPS so you don’t miss any important mail. Mail will be forwarded for 12 months after an address change to help with your transition to a new location.

2. Bank

Your bank and other financial institutions are important places to notify when you move. Changing your address at the post office will not guarantee that important bank documents will be forwarded. Banks may not forward mail in an effort to protect your account and private information. Update your financial institutions with your new address.

3. Utility Companies are Important Places to Notify

Contact your electric, gas, cable, internet, and water providers to have them transfer service to your new location. You’ll avoid paying for those services at your old address after you’ve moved, and your new home will be ready to go once you move in.

4. Subscription Providers

Do you have any newspaper, magazine, or other subscription services? Make sure they arrive at your new address by updating your subscription accounts accordingly.

5. Voter Registration

Be sure you can vote in local, state, and federal elections. When you move, update the address on your voter registration.

6. The IRS

Inform the IRS of your new address to make sure you receive your tax refund and any other related documents.

7. Medical Facilities are Places to Notify When You Move

When moving, you may need to find new doctors, dentists, and other health providers. Have the medical records from your most recent health care providers ready to be transferred to another office or sent to you directly.

8. Schools

Educational facilities will need to know your new address. A new address may also mean that your kids need to transfer schools.

9. DMV

If you move out of state, you will be required to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration within a short period of time (usually 10-30 days). This is important as DMVs often perform random insurance checks by mail. If your address is not current, you could unknowingly end up with a suspended license.

10. Insurance Companies

Whether it is life, health, pet, or auto insurance, it’s important to notify insurance companies of your address change.

11. Employer

Update your address with your employer so that important tax documents are sent to to your new address.

12. Notify Friends and Family When You Move

Inform local friends and family of your move. They will want to know where to send greeting cards and invitations. Send out an email with your new address or send change of address notification cards in the mail.

Remember These People and Places to Notify When You Move

Complete the transition to your new home by updating your mailing address. Use this checklist to help keep track of people and places to notify when you move.

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