Improve Home Security for Peace of Mind

Did you know that burglaries occur every 15 seconds in the United States with close to 75 percent of them happening on residential properties? Further studies reveal that most of these theft cases are reported on homes when the owners are away at work or on vacation. How then can you burglar proof and improve home security while away? What measures can you put in place to discourage a thief from entering your home?

1. Home Automation

Technological advancements in home automation have made it possible for homeowners to keep an eye on the home even when away. Such home automation systems as smart locks and alarm systems not only allow you to lock the door and windows from miles away, they will also notify you of intrusions in real time. Some advanced systems will send simultaneous notifications to you and the security services providers or the police department of your choice. You can also turn your lights on and off from miles away, giving the appearance that someone is home. Research automated home security systems online to find out which ones have the right features for you.

2. Install Door Locks and Window Stops

You can also improve your home security by changing door locks and installing window stops. Changing locks should be a priority when moving to a new house, after the loss of keys, or if you suspect duplication of your keys.

Most window latches that come installed with new windows are not the most secure. Most burglars have mastered the art of opening them, explaining why more than 23 percent of home intruders gain access through the first story windows. Avoid this by investing in effective window stops, preferably ones with lock and key.

3. Keep Your Property Well-Lit and Monitored

Maintaining tall and dense hedges and poorly lit compounds make your home a soft spot for burglars by providing numerous hiding spots. Deny them this chance and improve home security by clearing the bushes, trimming the hedges, and lighting up the entire property.

Complement such efforts by installing security cameras around the house as these act as powerful deterrents to burglars. Energy conscious homeowners can invest in motion sensor lighting systems and have them installed at strategic points around the house like the front door entrance, main gate, and perceived dark spots.

4. Don’t Advertise Your Absence

You never know the intentions of everyone who follows your social media activity. Making public announcements about your upcoming vacations, where you are going, and how long you intend to stay may expose you to burglars. It gives them time to plan and execute an intrusion into your home while monitoring your activity.

Improve home security by making it impossible for burglars to guess whether you are in or out of the house. When on vacation, avoid publicizing your activity on social media and turn on the lights at irregular times using home automation apps. Also, ask your neighbors to clear the mailbox and fill up the trash bins as burglars also use the bin and mail clues in determining whether you are at home.

5. Install Decal Decoys

Can’t afford a home security system? Install decal decoys. For instance, you can buy security warning placards that caution intruders that the house is under 24-hour surveillance or that it is protected by an electronic security system even when you don’t have one installed. These, together with the Beware Of Dogs signage are affordable ways to help improve home security.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to spend a fortune engaging security teams or installing top of the line security systems to improve your home security. Security experts believe that you only have to be smart with your approach. Implement some or all of the above tips in your efforts to improve home security.

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