High humidity at home is a problem in many areas across the United States. While some humidity is necessary for a comfortable environment, too much indoor humidity can cause problems. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to reduce humidity.

Humidity at Home and Common Problems

Besides being generally uncomfortable, high humidity causes a number of issues inside a building. Humidity contributes to mold growth which damages wood, drywall, furniture, carpeting, and a home’s structural components. Mold is also dangerous because it is known to cause health problems from allergies to respiratory issues.

Sources of High Humidity at Home

High humidity in the home is caused by a variety of factors. If water is pooling along the foundation, it can seep into the crawlspace and contribute to higher humidity levels. A leaking roof allows moisture into an attic where it seeps into the wood and the insulation and also increases the humidity inside a home.

Weather is also a contributing factor in humidity. As the temperature outside increases, the amount of moisture that the air can hold also increases. This means that the interior of a warm home will often naturally have higher levels of humidity.

Reducing Humidity

Running the air conditioning and keeping windows closed helps to manage the moisture in the air. If humidity levels feel uncomfortable or are reading above 50% on a hygrometer, purchase a dehumidifier. Choose devices for the most humid places in the home, or install a whole house dehumidifier on the HVAC system.

Make certain your guttering is clean and well-maintained. The water should flow away from your home and foundation. Check your attic for water or have your roof inspected for leaks. Make repairs to keep moisture out of your home.

By following the simple tips and tricks in this guide, you’ll be on the path towards a dryer, safer, and healthier home.

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