Your garage is a storage space where you probably keep everything from tools and yard equipment to holiday décor and sporting goods. You might also keep at least one vehicle inside the garage.

If you are like many people, it may seem as though your garage is not large enough to handle all of your needs. The good news is that by applying a few DIY garage storage tips, you can find the space that you need and organize your garage in the process.

The Benefits of These DIY Garage Storage Tips

At first, you may be skeptical about DIY garage storage tips freeing up valuable space in your garage. However, when you give every item a home and use your space efficiently, you’ll be surprised to see how much space is available. You’ll be able to find what you need quickly and easily while better caring for and maintaining your things.

1. Eliminate Unwanted Items

Before you embark on organizing and storing items in the garage, first decide what you’d like to keep. For example, many people toss random items into the garage because there is no space to store them in the home. But the garage should not be used as a catch-all space for clutter. Determine what items are no longer needed and what items do not belong in the garage, and remove them.

2. Assess Your Belongings

After you take this step, you are ready to move on to the next DIY garage storage tips. Each remaining item in your garage should have a dedicated place where it belongs. Group similar items together so that you can clearly see how your belongings should be organized. By doing so, you can easily determine if storage bins, open shelving, cabinets, or other features would work best in your garage. In many garages, a combination of storage features works best to accommodate everything.

3. Maximize the Use of Vertical Space

Because garage floor space might be limited, consider using vertical space instead. This includes the use of overhead space. Some ideas are to install built-in shelves and drawers and to use a pegboard to store tools and supplies. You can even suspend holiday décor overhead on a pulley-controlled platform.

4. Label Everything

An important aspect of garage storage and organization is being able to find all of your belongings quickly and easily. To do so, label your bins, boxes, cabinets, and other areas. Something as simple as writing with a sharpie on masking tape and affixing that tape to the storage area also works.

These DIY garage storage tips give you an effective way to improve your use of space in your garage. Many people who believe that their garage is not large enough to meet their needs may be surprised by how much space they have when their items are properly organized.

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