Cleaning Rain Gutters

The purpose of gutters is to guide rainwater away from the foundation of the home and avoid undermining the soil grade around the perimeter of the home. This is why cleaning rain gutters is important to protect your home.

Over the course of the months, the gutters get filled with debris, mainly falling leaves from nearby trees. When leaves fall on top of the roof, they make their way into the gutters. Once they are in the gutter, if the next rain doesn’t clear them off, they start building up, and over time they begin decomposing and become a dark, plaster-like dirt. These decomposed leaves are great for your vegetable garden, but not for your house.

When gutters are full of debris, the gutter becomes heavier and heavier to the point where it starts changing the slope of the gutters and creates ponds of debris and water. In houses where the gutters are neglected, the gutter can become so heavy that it detaches itself from the fascia board.

The fascia board is the piece of wood that secures the gutters to the perimeter of the roof. The fascia board is also an important part of the roof system, and if the gutter detaches the integrity of the roof system might become affected. This is why cleaning rain gutters is an important home maintenance task.

Cleaning Rain Gutters Each Year

Cleaning rain gutters should happen before the rainy season hits. But as a rule of thumb, gutters should be cleaned at least once a year after most leaves have fallen off. More often if there is heavy foliage or multiple trees around the perimeter of the house.

If your Zafras home inspector informs you that the water is ponding on your gutter, it would be wise to also do these repairs before the rainy season.

After removing all the debris and flushing down the leftover dirt, make sure that there are no leaves or debris left in the downspout to ensure that there is no blockage.

Zafras Property Services recommends hiring a professional that specializes in cleaning rain gutters to prevent any injury from falling off the ladder or roof. If you decide to clean your own gutters, make sure you practice ladder safety. Do not overreach when you are up on the ladder and keep your hips inside the ladder frame at all times. It is better to take your time by continually stepping down the ladder and moving it than to fall off the ladder.